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14 Aug

As you’ve likely seen in the news, opposition to the Eglinton LRT project has appeared – from a breathless article by Toronto Sun columnist SueAnn Levy, to a feverish letter of opposition, petition and “protest” from a group opposed to the rear laneways, to the recent press conferences by John Tory and Rob Ford.   In fact, Rob Ford is now threatening to pull all funding for Eglinton Connects:

Ford is proposing to take $250 million for the Eglinton Connects plan — the $100 million Metrolinx is providing for improvements around stations and the $150 million the city has to find in the budget — and plow that into burying the rest of the Crosstown. He’d then ask the province and the federal government to help fund the [$2 billion] project.”

We’re organizing to show support of the Eglinton project, and we need your help!

If you’re interested in getting involved, contact us at or at @Eglinton2020
Eglinton Streetscape in Midtown

Join us for our AGM

15 Jul

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Check Out the LRT Vehicles at Eglinton West Station

21 Nov

Just came over the wire from the Crosstown team. Come check out the new vehicles right near one of 2020’s key transit hubs, Eglinton West Station.

Are you curious about the new light rail vehicle coming to Eglinton Avenue?

Come by Eglinton West Station to see a portion of the mock up of the LRV on display from November 20th through to November 26th.

Metrolinx staff will be at the station to answer your questions at the following times:

Monday – Friday: 3:00pm-7:00pm

Saturday – Sunday: 10:00am-2:00pm

Franca, Mark, Denise and Nicole

The Crosstown Community Relations Team


See you there!

Antoine Grumbach and the new Eglinton Avenue

19 Nov

Come join the City of Toronto’s new “Eglinton Connects” in welcoming world-renowned architect and urban designer Antoine Grumbach to North Toronto College on November 28th,  as he discusses the future of Eglinton Avenue and the Eglinton LRT.

Join us for “Designing the Future of Eglinton”; a discussion with international transit expert Antoine Grumbach at the North Toronto Collegiate Auditorium. Doors open at 6:30pm, and the talk begins at 7:30pm. The North Toronto Collegiate is near Yonge and Eglinton at 17 Broadway Avenue.

Check out the flyer for more information. See you there!

St. Clair Streetcar Right-of-Way Facts

12 Apr

The Eglinton 2020 recently received an article from Joe Mihevc’s office regarding the St. Clair Street car issue:

It is important to remind everyone about St. Clair’s cost and construction timeframe because misinformation has been spread about this. The streetcar line’s original budget ($64 million) did not substantially increase; the major fact is that the scope of the project increased. Two major additions to the scope were burying the Hydro lines (because the businesses asked for it and the lines were due to be replaced in five years anyway) and replacing the water pipes (because of the higher standards demanded by the Walkerton water report). This cost about $40 million and increased the timeframe of construction. Further, the start of construction was delayed by 18 months because of a failed lawsuit against the city and the city allowed Enbridge to take the opportunity to replace its cast iron pipes with PVC. The construction of the street car line and the new streets and sidewalks in Ward 21 only took about 8 months!

TTC statistics show that peak time ridership on the 512 St. Clair streetcar route today is up about 50 per cent from 2009 before the new line opened (it is up 25 percent from 2005 pre-construction). Further, during peak periods, travel time has been reduced by 14 per cent and during off-peak times the service is up to 25 per cent faster. The route is providing much-improved services and people are responding positively by using the route more often.

This article was prepared by Beth Gosnell, Special Assistant to Councillor Joe Mihevc. For more information please contact Councillor Mihevc’s office at 416.392.7460.

Globe & Mail: Council votes for light-rail transit, kills Mayor Ford’s subway plan

23 Mar

The Eglinton-Scarborough Crosstown LRT will be above ground at Laird.

Following this week’s heated Council meeting, the decision to have a Sheppard LRT came down to a vote:

“City council voted 24-19 in favour of building a $1-billion light-rail line on Sheppard Avenue East, scuttling Mr. Ford’s promise of a subway to Scarborough. …

City council voted in favour of extending the Sheppard subway to Morningside Avenue with an above-ground light-rail line funded by Queen’s Park and Ottawa, reviving a project begun under former mayor David Miller. …”

A full report on the meeting can be read in this article published by the Globe & Mail.

Globe & Mail: Panelist defends report’s pro-LRT conclusions

20 Mar

A recent article from the Globe & Mail outlines the pro-LRT arguments Toronto needs to be made aware of.

“The advisory panel on Sheppard East transit released its much-anticipated report Friday, but not before Mayor Rob Ford dismissed its pro-LRT findings as biased hogwash. Panelist and University of Toronto professor Eric Miller spoke to Kelly Grant about the panel’s conclusions, the mayor’s rhetoric and why this isn’t a battle between downtown and the suburbs.”

The full article can be found here.